GA Industries, Inc.: Creative Fabrication

This studio-workshop assists commercial clients to find creative and practical solutions for complex metal design, fabrication and installation issues. GAI collaborates with some of North America’s best architects, builders, designers, engineers, artists and installers who incorporate stainless steel and other specialized metals into their projects. GAI’s high-precision architectural metalwork is prized in decorative metalwork for both indoor and outdoor structures and for special metal projects.


Creative solutions in metal.

G.A. Industries Inc. is a metal fabricator, with expertise in integrating plastics, stone and glass.

We believe in workmanship, ingenuity, and meticulous attention to detail.

We pride ourselves in fabricating high quality products for private residences, businesses and public spaces alike.

We offer design, fabrication and installation.

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About us

Founded in 1983, G.A. Industries has its roots in fabricating architectural metal products for the appliance industry.

Centering their work on attention to detail and customer satisfaction, today the company offers a variety of services.

A team of metalcrafters combine traditional European craftsmanship with the latest equipment in modern Computer Assisted Manufacturing.

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